The Crossroads Inn

Animal sanctuary

Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary

Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit that sits on our property, and is nestled in cottage-style gardens designed to attract, and provide habitat for endangered and threatened species, including painted buntings, hummingbirds, honeybees, monarch butterflies, fireflies, bats, and animals of all kinds.  

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Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary, The Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary, The Crossroads Inn

With wildflowers that tumble over the sides of pots and grow freely around the property, our gardens help to preserve species that are rapidly disappearing. Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary is an organic oasis in the middle of Central Texas (no Roundup sprayed ever). This refuge is certified by the National Wildlife Federation and provides a home to thousands of birds, butterflies, chickens, goats, deer, hummingbirds, and honeybees (both wild bees, and those in our hives).  

Educational Field Trips

Bring your class or homeschool group on our child-oriented tour of The Crossroads Inn’s gardens and pastures for an interactive, seasonal experience. Field Trips are offered one Saturday a month. 

Beyond an immersion in country life and nature, Crossroads Inn Animal Sanctuary welcomes scores of children, families, classroom outings and field trips providing excursions that facilitate farm-based, pre-K through high school level curriculum, centered around the food system educating students about critical issues including the social, environmental, and economic effects of agriculture and animal husbandry.